Interactive Exhibition

During my internship in Seoul I joined a webdesign agency called Saltcake. This huge webdesign compagny started a new business, digital marketing (using new technologies to create funny experience to promote brand or products). I integrated this team as Ux designer and project manager. The main project of my 6 month intership was to introduce this new ability to current, and future clients.


We came up with the idea of create an interactive exhibition showing up differents kind of project using variable technologies (AR, projection mapping, MaKeyMaKey, Ardino, Kinect…). This exhibition took place in Seoul Art gallery, during two weeks and we got a lot of visitors and 17 prices. You can visit the Saltcake Lab website.

My Role

Has mentionned I was project manager and Ux designer. I’ve also work on the motions to share visuals of our projects. The most interesting part was to employ my skills in Ux/Ui into korean project. Discovering new way to think, to work, new langage, color range and trend.