A Google Child service

This project has been done during a partnership with Google. Nadim Raad ex student from my school is currently working at Mountain View and he introduce us to Material design and Google design thinking. We had five days in group of three to create a project, finding a trouble and develop a solution using material design tools. We all agreed on working for people that are different from us, tired of designing things for young adults surrounded by new technology like we are. We choose to work on childrens issues, specially when parents decide to move out.


We have been inspired by the movie Inside Out which relates the story a young girl forced to move to San Fransisco. Presenting all the trouble of changing her life habits : new friends, new city, school, house, sport team... Our goal was to create a better transition between the two places, to help children understanding their parents’ decisions by discovering a new city and feeling comforted even before moving out.
“Keeping the best, moving forward”
So we created Back pack, an app wich allow child to bring all is good moments and experience in a virtual bag that will follow him accross is life. When parents decide to move out, he can see all is best place poping on the new city map to introduce him the transition. We also had the idea to add the possibility of being immersed in the new environment using Cardboard to explore the streets.

My Role

I have been part of the entire process due to the short time of this project. I worked a lot on the animation part, focusing my mind on how translate classic material design animation to children animation. Adding a bit of fun to the interface without changing a lot a framework which work perfectly well.