An augmented reality Game

In South Korea, an ultra-connected country, an average adult drinks more than 300 cups of coffee per year. We come up with a way to improve the costumer experience in the ordering process and improve the packaging life of coffee (paper cup and/or paper sleeve). So we decided to turn a coffee cup into a video game platform.


Through a mobile application, the coffee cup becomes a virtual playground where consumers can play and interact with the brand and product through augmented reality. This digital marketing project provide a funny experience to the client, and increase is relation to the brand. Becaming the coffe place with little game to wait until your coffe is drinkable.

My Role

On this project I had some kind of project manager role, I have been at the begining of project setting up the bases of the project, and manage team to develop the project with my internship mentor. I’ve worked on the visual part as my first Unity project, and the AR callibration.