An augmented reality fire training

During my double degree study in L’ENSAM I’ve been part of a competition, MAYAM. We have to meet a society, find an issue in their business, find a solution using VR/AR and develop a prototype. In group with 3 engineers we’ve been introduced to Proinsec, a society specialized in fire training, and health formation at the office. They already understand the interest of using Virtual Reality in their business, to simulate diverse accidents in theirs client work’s places. They already meet some big compagny to create a simulator, but it was always really difficult and expensive to produce fake fire directly in the client office.


We propose to create an mixed Reality App, using Cardboard as VR headset, and smartphone as AR device. We also hack an extinghisher with an arduino and a bluetooth shield to increase the simulation and create a complete experience. We earn the first Grand Jury Price on this project, it was very interesting and the society decided to start production of our solution.

My Role

I have been the project manager on this project, meeting the client and finding solutions. I have also made the AR Cardboard scene in unity and create the fire particle system. I have also help my team on the arduino part, and made a short video to introuce the project. .