Massive user experience in Augemented Reality

In a group of four, we competited at an internashional VR/AR contest taking place at Laval Virtual exhibition. We had two weeks to imagine a virtual reality concept and create a usable prototype. We decided to work on an augmented reality experience wich can replace the traditionnal ghestbook. We wanted to create an app which would be filled with content by the visitors and jury over the days during this event.


The concept we showed was a god game, where any visitors can create his little avatar, KaniKani, and let him preach a short message. As a god you can also interact with the KaniKanis and gain new powers through physical interactions. In this way you can play with all the KaniKanis who populate this Island, make them being happy, sad, or even kill them.

My Role

In this project I used my AR skills acquired in Seoul, to create the basic scene. Then I focus my work on modelling, rigging and animating the characters. I’ve also work on the Island part, creating the real model, and incrementing the arduino system.