Building Game for childrens

During my first internship I was working on interactive museography inside a famous french Abbaye. I had to work on a little iOS game to introduce future hotel to visitors. We got a big area with motion, projection mapping and connected devices to explain the entire project but we need to make a little space for children, who doesn’t care a lot about this architecture plan.


We ended up with a building game, explaining how the current Abbaye have been created, and how this new hotel gonna carry on this historical place. We choosed to put this little game in an area dedicated to childrens, with books about construction and architecture heritage.

My Role

This project was my first game design mission. It was a really short time exercice so I have learn quickly how to use Game Salad (never use that soft, NEVER), and develop using javascript. The graphism was very simple because we didn’t have a lot of time to produce more assets, but I like this project as my first Game.