Fernand Léger's Exhibition - A narrative scenography

In this project with had to work in group of two interaction and two spatial designers. We had to cretae an interactive scenography for a Fernand Leger exhibition. This project has to provide an answer to both interactive and spatial issues, which brought us to the following questioning: How can we offer a scenography aiming to create a narrative digital experience that can be both participative and sensitive, complying with the artist’s work?


Mainly considering the customer experience, the sensitive (sight, ears and touch) and spatial perambulation is the primary way to chronologically discover Fernand Léger's work. All the scenography is built around a wall, cutting the space into 6 sections. The fractal pattern represents the evolution of Fernand Léger's work: his cubist period, then surrealist and then more organic work. Moreover, four interactive devices improve the visit. Video projections and body tracking allow visitors to improve their own experience: playing with a painting, discovering informations. Each interaction makes this exhibition self-alive, you don't need any smartphone or tablet, this uncommon visiting experience comes straight to you.

My Role

As an interaction designer my role was to invent tangible interfaces taking parts in the scenography to show up Fernand Leger work. This motion is really old and not good at all, but it help to introduce the project.