A VR experience into Jules Verne books universe

The topic of this project was to create an immersive experience into Jules Verne universe, for the Nantes Digital Week Exhibition. We started to work on an experience in a cave and after 3 days of work we decided to move the project in a VR headset to increase the realism of our solution. We developed this project, showed this to 850 peoples at the digital week. Due to the goods opinions that we got here we decided to work on a second version for Laval Virtual 2016 and Futur en Seine 2016, with a new device, new universe, and 3d printing.


In group of three we work 10 days and nights to create a trip 20000 feets under the sea. The user is wearing a diving suit and he can move around the city of Nantes immerged. We decided to use a stepper to simulate the walk under the see, propose a cheap solution to add haptic feedback. The stepper also helped to decrease motion thickness by making the body move in a coherent movement in the virtual world. We also add two tangible area on the both side of the oculus to create other interactions.

My Role

I have make the entire environnement on unity, modelling most assets and work on the stepper part (MaKeyMaKey).