Welcome to My Website

So I'm Germain Rufflé

I’m currently looking for a 4 to 6 month Design internship!

I’m a young and enthousiatic French interaction designer. I’m currently achieving a double Master degree in Virtual Reality Design and Engineering of Virtual Environment.
I love learning new things, digging into new projects and finding unique solutions by using empathy to understand people's needs, and create fun for future users.
Freelance as Motion designer since 2 years, I love to use my skills to help Start-up to communicate about their works. Always ready to participate to awesome projects.
Feel free to look at my Resume

User Experience Centered
Drive the entire design process
by a strong analysis of users troubles and needs.

Multi user Interface
Use empathy and UI design process to
increase affordance and usability.

Virtual Reality
Technology enthousiast, always interested
in experimenting new techs and tools in my works.

Prototype and Test
Mix and manage differents skills in
order to create best projects.

Here is my Methodology

Meeting you to establish your asking, target, desires, purposes.
Searching around your competitors, possibilities, brand values,
technologies, graphic styles to create a targeted database on
your project.
Analyzing my database to propose reflexion axes and creation

Creative Talk
Positioning on some concepts to develop, according to my analysis.
Proposing those concepts to you through (sketch, storyboard, mock-up,
design draft, 3D integrations...) to start a creative talk with you.
Selecting the best proposal and modify it according to your feedbacks
and advises.

Working on the design part (UI/UX, APP, Game, Motion, Illustration...),
then start the development (coding, hardware, animation...).
Test and modify, restart, iteration system, then introduce you the project.
Launch the final project, communicate about it (social media, viral video

Contact Me

Mail : germain.ruffle@gmail.com